It’s Soooo Cliché

The Life & Style with Lori Delisle Blog

I keep putting off re-launching my Life & Style blog because I have not known where to begin.  I’ve written several blogs now, and well, blogs have been written about every subject under the sun and so no matter how I start, you’ve probably heard it already before.  So how do you begin a new blog?  “This is my first blog post.”  “Let me tell you a little about myself.”  “Here is why you will want to read my blog.”

Every option sounds so cliché. 

So I’m going to make it simple.


I like good food.

I like to travel.

I like adventure.

I like clothes… and shoes… and purses… and hats… and…

I like making things pretty.  I like to make pretty things.

I like admiring God’s creation.

I like inspiring stories.

I like to laugh… and sing… and dance… and …

I love Jesus.

I will write about those things.  Follow me if you like any of those things too.  And maybe share with your friends.
Lori Delisle


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