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I Have a Game for You!  Match one of these Fashion Icons to some of her style signatures.

Icons of Fashion Match Game

How did you do?  Theoretically, if you follow fashion or pop culture at all you shouldn’t have had too much trouble.  Why is that?  Because all of these women were/are not only famous for their talent in their respective fields, but also created a signature style for themselves that became iconic.


I recently dressed as Iris Apfel, one of my fashion heros, for a Harvest Festival.  As I later browsed through other Iris costumes on Instagram, I noticed every single one had on oversized glasses and piles of jewelry.   That is a sure sign that her look is iconic!

You’ll probably never become the Queen of Pop and I’m never going to grow legs for days, but we can develop a signature style that can make us “iconic” in our own circles.

Having a signature style makes us memorable and gives us an air of confidence, reliability and trust.  A signature style includes “style signatures.”  They are little signs that you are uniquely and confidently you, signatures that you are classically seen wearing very often. You can have more than one style signature and they can be as simple as a moto jacket, signature scent, handbag, or lip color.  Pick your style signature(s) because you LOVE them, not because they are trendy.  The exact piece may not be in your wardrobe forever, but if you choose a classic look, as that classic morphs through the years you will always have some version of it to riff on.

Lori Delisle Signature Style

Some of my style signatures are black & white, a pop of color, and a stack of bracelets with my watch.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have one or don’t know where to begin.  It takes time to really understand yourself and what really expresses your personality.  Lucy had her red locks & batting lashes,  Liz her crazy figure 8 curves & diamonds, and Kim (sigh…), Kim has her contours & booty I guess.

What do you want to be recognized for?  Take you time and enjoy developing that “Iconic You” look and maybe one day, when you’re 92, you’ll be modeling like Iris too!

Lori Delisle


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