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That glorious day is almost here!  That day when we can grub on turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and my favorite, Mom’s home made stuffing.  Oh I love that savory stuffing. Frankly, give me stuffing with some home made gravy, cranberry Jello salad and maybe a sweet persimmon spinach salad and I’m golden.  Oh. So. Golden.

Thanksgiving Decor. DIY Turkey Centerpiece.

Gobble, Gobble! Mr. Turkey resting on my heirloom coffee table (it was once my Great Grandparent’s kitchen table, cut down in height by my Grandfather) with some bright green succulents and vintage dessert plates turned coasters.

I love Thanksgiving, sitting around stuffing my face with yummy food while lazily enjoying games with my family.  I’m pretty good at it too.  Not being lazy that is, but eating yes, and playing games definitely!  I’m a bit notorious for winning.  A lot.  I can’t contest it.

I can get kind of crazy with decorating for holidays.  On Thanksgivings past my house has looked like all of the trees in my neighborhood dumped their colorful goodness on everything.  I mean, who doesn’t love those rich, warm colors?  I certainly do… BUT…

Did Fall throw up in my house?

Did fall throw up in my house?  This bright folliage got a makeover!

My decorating tastes have changed a great deal over the years(the brown leather sofas replaced with white and grey for example) and now those gorgeous fall colors of bright orange, red, army green and rust really don’t go with the already busy color palette in my home.  So I did something…. Nothing really earth shattering or new frankly, but if you are looking for some ideas for your table-scape next week, I may just have a thought for you, and it is potentially FREE!!  Whoot!

I took some of my existing fall décor and painted them.  I choose 2 neutrals I already had in my home, and of which I already had spray paint in.  I used them to tone down the colors.  A BRIGHT orange pumpkin vase is now white, as is a very multicolored turkey.  I also hit a variety of foliage and fillers with the white spray paint and hints of gold.  I let their original colors still show through here and there but now they are not quite so “in your face.”

Cinterella's pumpkin, no longer bright orange, sits at the center of my kitchen table atop a vintage tray, along with personalized coasters from PrintedConceptStudio

Cinderella’s pumpkin, no longer bright orange, sits at the center of my kitchen table atop a vintage tray, along with personalized coasters from PrintedConceptStudio

This process was super easy and I’m pretty sure I will be doing it for other holidays in the future.  What do you think?

Have fun gobbling up that turkey and stuffing next week!

“giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, “  Eph 5:20

Lori Delisle


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