The B.L.T. is Back Baby!

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My childhood favorite, the one I always ordered whenever I was at a restaurant, is back and better than ever.  With bacon’s high note in popularity it should be no surprise that the classic B.L.T. has returned to restaurant menus.  And it is often better than ever, on toasted multigrain breads, with extra thick cut slices of bacon, and sweet organic tomatoes.

So I was craving one of these goodies the other day.  I cooked up a batch of organic uncured bacon, washed some crisp romaine lettuce, and toasted two slices of Dave’s Killer Bread.  Then the unthinkable happened… I had NO tomatoes!  You can’t have a B.L.T. with out the “T”!

NO Tomatoes?!

But I was already in too deep.  There was no turning back at that point.  I had to get creative so I started looking around my kitchen and that is when the genius happened.  I saw a big bowl of persimmons that my husband had picked up at a little road side stand in Saratoga.


Whenever I see a persimmon I think of a trip to Italy one fall.  It was cold and bleak on our train rides through the country side except for the occasional bright spot of orange from a persimmon tree dotting the landscape.

Originally I was not very brave with this slightly unusual fruit.  I restricted them to my Mom’s Persimmon Cookies, a riff on spice cake.  Then, into my adult hood, I discovered how yummy they were in salads.

So why wouldn’t a sliced persimmon work on a B.L.T.?  I thought it couldn’t hurt to try and thus the “B.L.P.” was born.  A tad sweeter than the original, it is still quite delish.

Introducing the “B.L.P.”


Well, technically the B.L.P. California Club

Persimmon season is short lived so I suggest you try it for yourself before they are gone.  Simply peel a firm persimmon and slice it like a tomato.  You may even want to take it to the California Club level by adding avocado and some of that left over Thanksgiving turkey.

You’re Welcome!

Lori Delisle



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