Where Amazing Style and Bold Faith Collide

about me 125  The Delisle Designs studio, nestled in the Silicon Valley, has shipped custom jewelry from the Salt & Light by Lori Delisle line to four different continents. It is fitting since Lori Delisle loves to travel and much of her design aesthetic and style comes from her many adventures; from the Louvre in Paris to a Rain Forest Canopy tour in Puerto Vallarta. The other half comes from Lori’s California roots hanging at the beach and camping in the Redwoods. Put together they make casual sophistication.

Lori loves working with vibrantly colored gemstones and semi precious metals. Her mix of color and sparkle with lots of texture and depth make her pieces work great with nearly everything, from your favorite pair of skinny jeans to that perfect Giorgio Armani suit.

The prophetic nature of Lori’s designs is what really sets them apart from other jewelry. As she says

“Any time we bring a word of comfort or encouragement that carries with it the desire to pursue on in our faith, anytime we speak words of life to another, anytime we reveal the truth of God’s Word, we are being prophetic.”

And that is just what Lori’s jewelry is designed to do; speak life, speak encouragement, speak truth.

Lori designs for women like her, who know that they have been put on this earth for a reason, who appreciate the beauty around them, who love people and are passionate about their faith. Wrap love around your wrist. Dangle truth from your ears and light around your neck and let the hope of God’s Word soak in your heart.

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