Jewelry Collections

packaging 008The Vision

This wonderful line started with a vision. . . A picture in my mind of a necklace that looked like a handful of course sea salt. I never aspired to be a jewelry designer nor to build up a jewelry line. Even so, the visions came, and they kept coming until I could think of virtually nothing else.

The Inspiration

Its not really about talent, it is about vision, inspiration and obedience. I pushed the visions aside but the inspiration pushed me back. That inspiration is the same thing that inspires my entire life; the Word of God … that is, the Bible. The greatness of the inspiration caused me to be obedient to the calling and design my first piece, the Salt of the Earth necklace.

The Dream

My dream is to make God’s word tangible and visual so that as you look at, touch and wear it, it will make the inspirational Word come alive to you. When that Word of Truth becomes alive with in you it is hidden in your heart and will stay with you your entire life.

The Results

Each piece is beautifully designed and hand crafted by myself of high quality materials. I love the richness of things like semi-precious metals and natural gem stones, pearls, sea shells, mother of pearl, and wood. There is a wonderful depth of color to these natural materials.

Each piece comes elegantly packaged. And every Salt & Light by Lori Delisle piece comes with exclusive membership to the S&L Collector’s Club that allows private access to an online page were I discuss the inspiration and purpose behind your piece.

Lori Delisle

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