Lori Delisle

Passion, Purpose & Praise

Stylish California girl with the heart of a world traveler, art collector and a gourmet foodie, Lori Delisle's casually sophisticated, passionate and faith filled design aesthetic will delight you.

Lori Delisle’s casually sophisticated, passionate and faith filled design aesthetic will delight you.

Stylish California girl with the heart of a world traveler, art collector and a bit of a gourmet foodie, when most people go to describe Lori Delisle they say she is big hearted and classy.

California is and will always be Lori’s home base. A ninth generation Californian, even though this petite stylist is never under dressed, she always has an air of casual sophistication because of her Cali roots. Amidst the high tech world of the Silicon Valley, Lori’s true heart is for spending days on the beach with her children, eating home-made ice cream at reunions on the family ranch and drinking in lazy summer days on the river at the family’s nearly 100 year old cabin.

Lori loves to travel and collect art, jewelry and clothes from around the world. Her Grandmother, with a collection of artifacts from her travels in the orient, gave Lori a taste for quality pieces. You will never catch her buying a t-shirt or magnet as a souvenir; instead her home is filled with the treasures she’s found and collected. Some of her favorites are an oversized canvas her sister painted of Degas’ ballerinas, a pearl ring her husband bought for her on the Rialto Bridge in Venice, a gold necklace he bought for her on their honeymoon in Hawaii, an embroidered silk tapestry from China that she inherited from her Grandmother, and prints from a distant uncle, Alphonse Mucha, that she bought in Paris and Prague.

Entertaining friends and family, in their home in San Jose, California is a joy for Lori Delisle. Honoring her guests with a warm atmosphere and great food is always her goal. She loves to cook and experiment with new flavors. She also loves to try new foods when she is out with friends. Although her husband says you can judge the quality of a restaurant by its bread, Lori says it is all about the salads. Her most memorable food moments include belly warming goulash on a boat on the Rhine River, a mouth watering salad with candied garlic dressing in Monterey, and the look on her sons’ faces when they ordered chicken’s feet (thinking they were chicken legs) at a dim sum restaurant in L.A.

Although this stylist and designer is the CEO of two companies, has a closet full of clothes and accessories, the life to be free full time with her children, a dreamy husband of 15 years, traveled more of the world than many, and the most loving extended family than anyone could ask for, Lori Delisle says in the end, the sweetness of her life comes from her relationship with Jesus. All other things will pass away in the end, so knowing her loving savior is the rope that holds her life together. Lori says that without Him her life’s story would be a completely different picture, one of bitterness and isolation. Instead she now lives with hope and the power of the Holy Spirit who divinely directs her steps. In the end Lori’s says she lives her life of beauty, passion, purpose and praise to be a testimony of God’s goodness and love.

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